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Become a Coach/Mentor

The Coach/Mentor program was created for the benefit of both gyms and students, giving new students a discounted price and access to a qualified role-model to assist in the supervision of practical assessments in the gym. 

In turn, the professional PT and/or gym owner has the opportunity to train up a knowledgeable, job-ready future employee and a scalable reward for his/her effort.

What does it mean to be a Coach/Mentor?

The Coach/Mentor role exists to provide Fitness students with supervision while performing a variety of relevant fitness industry tasks specific to their course.
The Coach/Mentor scheme can also provide opportunities for students to obtain valuable work experience. Work experience is provided on a volunteer basis and is at no cost to the Coach/Mentor or their organisation. Work experience hours enable a  student to gain experience from assisting to conducting various tasks such as administration and reception,  marketing and promotional activities,  event planning, equipment maintenance,  attending fitness classes and observing other fitness trainers delivering fitness activities. The student is provided a work experience logbook where they record their work experience hours.

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New students enrolling through the Coach/Mentor Referral program will enjoy a 30% discount for Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness. 

Rewards are for the PT/Gym not the student. 

Scaled reward applicable in six month periods since first enrolment. 

After 5th enrolment, reward will stay $800 per student, until end of six month period.

1st Enrolment $400

2nd Enrolment $500

3rd Enrolment $600

4th Enrolment $700

5th Enrolment $800

Scalable Reward Table


New students enrolling in a Certificate III in Fitness or a Combo certificate III & certificate IV in Fitness will have an exclusive 30% Discount on their course, when being referred through the  Mentor/Coach Referral Program

Exclusive 30% Discount for New Students!

Certificate III in Fitness: from $3,120 to $2,184 (30% Off)

Combo Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness from $5,200 to $3,640 (30% Off)

If you are a Gym owner or a Personal Trainer and know someone that wants to study Fitness, and you are willing to help the new student and supervise their practical assessments you can participate in the Coach/Mentor Program.